Programme PHARE 2004

Project BG 2004/016-711.01.02 – ” De-institutionalisation through providing services for the risky groups in the community”

Contractor: Ministry of labor and social policy.

Performer: European Information Center

Contract № : BG 2004 /016-711.01.02-1.21.

Duration of profect: 16 months

This project is funded by the European Union and Republic Bulgarian.

The Resource Centre for public support “Open Door” provides integrated survices for children at risk and their families in the territory of Veliko Turnovo. Consistent with the personal needs of each child, aims to avert the abandonet, institutionalisation, violence against children and other social risks, and their successful social integration. Resource Centre for public support “Open Door” offers alternative social services for the community in Veliko Turnovo, which should lead to reduction in the number of abandoned children, the children who are accommodated in specialized institutions, who drop out from school, the children with anti-social acts and those who are victim of violence. Those services aim to raise the number of successful preventions and reintegrations, and stimulate the foster care and use of adoption services. In this project except EIC, ISS– Bulgaria has an important role. Those organisation take part in development of the programme, methods and training. Veliko Turnovo is directly involved in this program. The working team consists of nine social workers / Veliko Turnovo, Zlataritsa, Pavlikeni, Strajitsa/ two pedagogues and a psychologist.



October 2010 – December 2011


Encourage the citizens to participate in the building process of “United” Europe – democratic, enriched by cultural and language diversity of the citizens in Spain, Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Italy.

– Rethink what the general European values are from the prospective of individual cultural identity and encourage the citizens’ sense of belonging to the European Union.

– Improving the knowledge of europeans for the others cultures by stimulating the dialogue and mutual agreement.

– Understand the civils’ position from their actions with the porpose of finding the solution to overcome the growing political apathy.

– Creating new ways for collaboration at local and international level between the organisations working to promote the european citizenship from partner countries.



Regional agency for emigration and collaboration to Big Madrid City Council, Spain

– Eurorean Information Center – Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Ekonomisk forening serus, Sweden

The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation, Poland

Caritas Ambrosiana – Milan, Italy

Тази страница се реализира с финансовата подкрепа на Европейската комисия. Отговорността за нейното съдържание се носи единствено от Европейски информационен център - Велико Търново и при никакви обстоятелства не може да се разглежда като отразяващо позицията на Комисията.
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