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European Direct Information Centre Veliko Tarnovo offers you get various free printed information materials for personal use, at work or for dissemination in the organized events. All requests for free information materials to individuals and organizations can be obtained at the Information Centre Europe Direct – Veliko Tarnovo, on Email – or phone – 062/605060. When ordering you must specify:

–          Name of the person and the organization that he represents;

–          Phone and email contact;

–          Titles, number and language of the publications you wish to order;

Information materials that you can order are presented in the catalog here. Available in Bulgarian, English, French, German and some other European languages. The amount of information materials that you can order is up to 100 copies of each edition, with up to 20 titles. The same informational materials, but a single copy, can be ordered free after registration in electronic bookstore of EU – EU Bookshop. From EU Bookshop you can download publications in pdf format.

In order request informational materials, aware that:

–          Request for information material you can do all year round;

–          The materials will arrive at least ten days after the application. Information Center Europe Direct – Veliko Tarnovo is not responsible for delivery time;

–          You should receive material from the office of European Direct Information Centre Veliko Tarnovo located in 24, Bulgaria Blvd. European Direct Information Centre Veliko Tarnovo do not a commitment to deliver information to address the ordered materials;

–          In case that any of the requested information materials are not available for order, European Direct Information Centre Veliko Tarnovo will tell you.

–          Order and delivery to European Direct Information Centre Veliko Tarnovoare completely free;

If you are interested in information on a specific topic for the European Union, you can contact the European Direct Information Centre Veliko Tarnovoto get advice on how and where to look for more detailed information.

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