September 2010 – August 2011

Promotion of the universality of human rights.


• Federation Europeenne des Ecoles, France;
• Progesti@, Spain;
• Европейски информационен център – Велико Търново, България
• Le Comite Syndical europeen de l’education, Belgium;
• L’union europeenne feminine, Sweden;


” Universality of human rights” is innovative project including the creation of the book ” The Universality of human rights”. This book contains information on reflection – from the international meetings – on the topic, didactical approaches to teaching the topic in schools, recommendations by public characters, many sections, which propose different approaches, representing clearly and most comprehensively the question of universality of human rights to the wide public. The book will be published in two languages (French and English) and it will promote the conception of universality of human rights. The book is compilation of earlier publications on the subject. These works will be enriched with new texts of experts about the needs of the project. These texts will offer methods for teaching the universality of human rights at three different levels.

– primary school (practical activities);
– student level ( texts);
– adults (examples for using the articles from the Charter of Fundamental Rights to solve the basic problems: solidarity, environmental protection, child protection).


The international inquiry conducted during the project – results.
Electronic version of developed work, expect here.

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