Mission and Objectives



Our goals

The main goals of the Information centre Europe Direct – Veliko Turnovo is to improve the provision of information, documents and knowledge about the European Union and its institutions among the general citizenship of the local and regional community of Veliko Turnovo area; to provide direct contact between citizens and Contact Centre Europe Direct; to raise awareness of the European Union policies through interactive forms of work to provoke active position of European citizens and serving as an intermediary for providing feedback the citizen with the EC.

The long-term goal of the project is to create, develop and make useful for the citizens and institutions of Veliko Tarnovo area sustainable regional European information service and to prepare its multiplication in municipal services in the municipalities of the region.



·   to improve the provision of information about the European Union and its institutions among different territorial realities / villages, small towns, community centers, regional center / so to overcome the existing inequality caused by the territorial relation periphery-center;

·   to approach through European mobile information service public use of the Contact Centre Europe Direct through the provision of internet, email and by providing information and by practical connectivity.

·   to encourage and activate citizens of the area by actively seeking information on EU policies, provoking their direct relationship with the institutions and thus to demonstrate practical change attitudes for active participation in decision-making at local, regional, national and European level.

·   to support with information, knowledge and a forum for the expression of actively seeking thematic information on the implementation of European policies representatives, professional organizations, organized populations for interests, professionals and experts.

·   to create an active citizenry in Veliko Tarnovo, provoking regional community with a variety of campaigns leading Community policies and thus strengthen the traditional calendar of the European Communities symbolic dates – particularly the annual celebration of Europe Day.

·   to promote of active conduct and activist type of local issues refracted through greater knowledge about best practices at region, country, European level.

·    to create a single information database and to unite the efforts of activist-type institutions and organizations working on European programs and European thematic handling information in order to improve the efficiency of services provided to citizens and stakeholders;

·    to act as a hub for the various networks in the Veliko Tarnovo region experiencing need for information on Community policies in network “Community Centers” network of schools and kindergartens, farmers, business , young people;

·    to prepare a team of experts and volunteers from young people for effective campaign events and Training forms and thus solve the problem of importing coaches from outside or from the center;

·    to expand the information work among information providers in Veliko Tarnovo area through the implementation of joint educational rubrics and to promote widely the contact information of the Contact Centre Europe Direct

·    promotion of new technologies among the citizens of the area and thus overcome the contradiction center-periphery

Тази страница се реализира с финансовата подкрепа на Европейската комисия. Отговорността за нейното съдържание се носи единствено от Европейски информационен център - Велико Търново и при никакви обстоятелства не може да се разглежда като отразяващо позицията на Комисията.
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